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The Summer Coat

dog-3301255_1280 A Very Wet Golden!

The time has arrived where our dogs are frolicking through the mud, the grass, water and more! While it’s a lovely time there are a few things we should remember.


Let's start with short coated dogs

I’m talking about boxers, pit bulls etc. Sometimes we need to be cautious in the sun with these stunning breeds as they easily get sunburned if left out for long periods. Checking with your vet for their advice on sunscreen use is highly recommended to keep them comfortable.

Brachycephalic breeds such as French Bulldogs are very sensitive to the heat and it’s often suggested to have air conditioning for these guys to keep them from overheating. On the beach we often bring a soft crate for shade, a battery operated fan and a cool coat when we are travelling with these breeds.

Cool coats are an excellent tool to combat the heat however they are not meant to be left on for long periods of time. 5-10 minute rotations of applying and removing are often suggested. Should the coat be left on it will hold in the heat making our dogs warmer than prior to the application.

At times these breeds are also more prone to skin issues that often flare up during the hotter months, please refrain from visiting "Dr. Google" and see your vet for help to keep your best friend comfortable.


Moving on to those thick coats

The lovely German shepherd (Not Sheppard lol!), Labrador retriever etc. Some of these breeds have an extreme love for water and mud.

When spending time in salt water especially we rinse our dogs when our swims are complete. Any stagnant water your dogs run into I would suggest the same. Saltwater can dry out a coat so for anyone looking for less shedding, less dry skin or caring for a show dog rinse in fresh water to help keep a glistening coat.

The risk of bacteria is prevalent in standing water causing dogs to be more susceptible to skin infections especially if there are any lesions etc.

We often resort to using a cool dry on our dogs after outings as well. While these dog dryers are expensive it prevents the risk of hot spots and blows out all the dead hair. Yes, that means fewer tumbleweeds of hair flowing through your house!


With our lovely Golden Retrievers

We comb and brush them weekly. During this time we check for any skin issues, ticks and most importantly mats.

Should your dog be in the water, it’s best to comb prior to as if there is matting it will become tighter causing your dog to become uncomfortable. Imagine going for weeks with major knots on your head, it wouldn’t feel so good!

A good purchase for us was a coat care spray to use in between grooming’s to dampen the coat to prevent any breakage but again our dogs are also in shows and most people wouldn’t care for this kind of upkeep!


Stunning breeds

Akita’s, Siberian Huskies etc. Often blow their coat at the start of the summer and will require assistance from a groomer or an owner prepared with many different tools to get all that coat out.

Due to the workload and time, we often recommend seeking help so again your best friend can remain comfortable for the hot months.


All coats can harbour tick & flea 

All dogs should receive tick and flea protection as this is a very common time of year to end up with these little bugs on your dog. Talk to your vet to see which product is best for your dog.


Enjoy the summer and keep your dog happy and comfortable! 

And as always don't hesitate to reach out to April for help with your four-legged fur friend!

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