Dog Training & Handling

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We want you to have a clever canine companion, we do not cover up problems - we correct them!

Take Control, Be A Pack Leader.

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Dog Training Classes & Sessions

Dogs don’t behave just because we love them, we need to teach them how to behave. Teaching owners how to recognize and identify the ways communication helps correctly identify problems and communicate the desired behavior.

Interested in becoming a pack leader? Join one of our group classes or take part in our private sessions.

View more details on our canine training classes & sessions below:

Perfect Puppy (Group Classes)

In our six(6) weeks multi-method based program, pack leader April will teach you all the basic obedience commands, the art of socialization and "pawsitive" ways to help you overcome common puppy behaviours.

Classes are Fear Free Protocol certified and held in a clean and cozy environment.

April will educate you in creative ways that help teach you how to think like your new best friend. She will also give lessons on proper leash handling and tips how to ensure your dog is always under your control.

Come join the fun and maybe meet a new friend as after all sessions we also provide the opportunity for puppy play time!

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Sit Happens (Group Classes)

Our six(6) weeks program consists of one hour classes for both handler and dog. All basic obedience commands are achieved with your dog, such as; ‘Sit’, ‘Down’, ‘Stay’, ‘Come’, ‘Leave it’. We also touch on basic handling, proper socialization and how to achieve canine good citizenship status.

During instruction, we apply techniques that are never filled with anger and the design of each class is completely unique as we teach a multi-method style program.

Not every dog learns the same way and we believe in the importance of developing practices that work for every dog and every handler.

Being in a group setting allows controlled distractions and encourages consistency for a solid foundation.

During our time with you we recommend your whole family attend, but young children must be monitored - unmonitored children will be given an espresso and a free puppy!

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Dogwise (Private Sessions)

Dogwise one-on-one sessions are ideal for handlers answering yes to the following questions:

  • Is your dog reactive or aggressive around people or dogs?
  • Is your dog’s level of confidence a problem in a group setting?
  • Do you have specific goals and like to be in control of your time?
  • Does your flexibility affect your availability to attend any class sessions?

By tailoring sessions to your needs, you can make maximum progress with your dog.

Private sessions include behavioral and aggression issues. These behaviors can be modified and maintained, however are not guaranteed unless the owner has a strong present role during training.

Typical sessions are one(1) hour long and it is recommended everyone from the household attend with the dog.

Depending on your objectives and your dog’s issues, you may only need one session, or it may take several to achieve your goals.

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Leash Your Fitness

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We know that you may want to walk your own furry friend but can’t seem to enjoy this time as your dog is pulling so much!

If you are having difficulty getting your dog under control, walk with our Pack Leader to feel refreshed and learn how to walk or run with your canine friend appropriately!

To note, it is recommended that your dog have some leash walking skills to attend.


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Professional Dog Handling

Picture of April proudly posing beside one of her show dog, a beautiful Golden Retriever, and holding its recently won show ribbon title in her right hand.

Looking for a proven professional dog handler?

April has professionally shown many breeds to over 50 titles including:

  • Conformation
  • Obedience
  • Rally
  • and more!

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