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We want you to have a clever canine companion, we do not cover up problems - we correct them!

Take Control, Be A Pack Leader.

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April offers a variety of dog-related services such as:

  • Pack Walks
  • Fear Free Puppy Classes
  • Dog Obedience Classes
  • One-on-One Training Sessions
  • Canine Behaviour Modification
  • Professional Dog Handling
  • And more ...

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  So you decided to save a dog; help a dog whose life may be ended because no one took the time to care for or train him so he becomes a canine ambassador. As a rescue, we truly love people that step up to the plate and help dogs but please know your ins and outs about rescues and dogs. Here's some good information to help you.   Not All ...
While dog parks are, in theory, a great idea, they can become a scary place because people don't have control over their dogs. Rarely do people understand the instincts or behavior of dogs. They sometimes lack the education of reading body language or simply don't pay attention to the surroundings.   Why do people go to the dog park?   Mo...
We usually all train our puppies to be in a crate. For some, it’s a lifesaver, while others despise the idea of a dog being locked away. I've always been an advocate of crate training for many reasons - and not all are the average ones people first think about. For most dog owners, placing puppies in crates is to limit access for house tr...

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Tail of the Boss, Who's April Saulnier?

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April is a professional dog trainer with many additional canine related titles that range from Dog Kennel & Daycare Owner, Therapy Dog Evaluator & Aggression Modifier to Canine Judge & Mentor as well as Dog Rescue Director.

From an early age, she has been taking care of dogs, learning all about the canine animal and rescuing & fostering many of them. Thanks to her, hundreds of dogs have been saved, rehabilitated and placed in loving homes over the past 10 years.

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