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Is Adding More Than One Furry Member To The Family A Good Idea?


Having a second dog is great, who wouldn’t want as many dogs as they can have - but pay the price if you don’t do it right!

Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision.


Aren't they so cute together?

Some people want two puppies at the same time. I cannot stress that this is the most terrible idea for a number of reasons. Most importantly inter-dog aggression is most common with dogs from the same litter and same sex.

I feel so strongly against this because I always see that the handlers have not spent the required time doing major socialization required to have two well-mannered dogs at the same time.

It’s also critical that the dogs bond with their people and generally puppies are usually kept together resulting in a strong bond with each other creating an array of issues from listening to simple commands like a recall.


Another major mistake I see handlers make:

It to acquire a second dog when the first dog is still not in control. It takes a lot of time and commitment to have a canine good neighbour. If you add another puppy or dog into the house it’s much easier to wreck havoc within your family quickly and more difficult to train both dogs as well.

People usually forget the money involved in training a well-behaved dog. We aren’t talking one set of obedience classes and then our dogs become Lassie! The work put into a dog that has zero issues is endless and for life.

With two dogs this becomes double the work and potentially more should they have issues with each other. The thought of ‘the older dog will teach the younger dog’ is somewhat incorrect in terms of all the important needs for a canine to learn will need to come from his handler and not another dog.

In our household where dogs are coming and going on a regular basis whether for show or rescue we find it important to spend one on one time with our dogs. We often rotate dogs in crates, outside or kennel so they develop individual relationships with our family.

Often when we add a second dog we never leave them alone as they are always with a dog or person, this can quickly create an anxiety issue and require extensive modification to correct. There are times when a puppy is extremely annoying to the older mature dog and people become upset if a correction occurs. Baby gates and x pens are a wonderful tool to help keep both dogs happy.


Instead of going right out to pick your dog don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Canine professionals often have the skills and knowledge to get you with a dog that meets your expectations and knowledge.

I would love to help you pick your next furry companion! Check out my contact page and reach out today.


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